Bad Credit Home Mortgage Refinance The Postal Worker Falls Asleep

By: L.W. Seals

Bad Credit Home Mortgage Refinance : Months had gone by, and everything seemed to be going so well. Steve's wife Deborah was getting closer to having their second child. Besides her odd appetite and occasional mood swings, life was almost perfect outside of the day today issues of politics and other drama throughout the world.

Their young son was now 4 years old, and he began to have interests of his own. His parents noticed he had a thing for the piano and started to take him to piano lessons a few times a week. The lessons were not very cheap, but this was simply an investment into their young son's musical interests. He enjoyed playing the piano, and he actually was pretty good at it. This was the perfect age to allow his inner musician to blossom to it's fullest.

One morning, Steve was on his way to work with his usual cup of coffe and a bagel. While scanning the radio stations, he heard some radio guests talking about the real estate market, and because of the way the economy was changing, there were possibilities that home owners with adjustable rates could see increases. It did not mean much to him, because the tone of the guest on the radio show sounded pretty confident that this would only be in rare cases, and there were no reasons for homeowners to panic at the present time. Steve and his family had a little more money saved up than before, so this was even more of a reassurance for him to feel good about his situation. He turned the station to his favorite jazz channel and really thought nothing else of the matter.

When he arrived, he couldn't help but overhear a couple of co-workers also talking about real estate and the increasing interest rates. Was this something more serious than he'd thought? He hadn't usually joined the conversations his fellow employees were involved in, so he did not join in this time either. However, he listened a little more closely to see if he heard anything that could be of significance to him and his family. He wasn't necessarily worried about it, but maybe a little curious.

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