Top 2 Reasons To Use Home Equity Loans For Debt Consolidation

By: Susan Jan

Generations past used to enjoy tax benefits on their interest payments on certain loans such as consumer loans. Unfortunately, these tax benefits did not extend to this current generation, and even as we cough up a huge amount every month on interest payments on various debts such as your credit card debts, you can no longer enjoy the same level of tax relief. However, there is another option today that will allow you to consolidate all your high interest debts into one low interest loan and even to secure good tax benefits for repaying the interest on it. This option is the home equity loan, and it is open to any homeowner, who can then use the loan for more efficient debt management.

Homeowners often obtain home equity loans for the purpose of restructuring or repairing the house. It then becomes a kind of long-term investment. However, you may hesitate at the thought of putting your house up yet again for a second mortgage. But if you are to enjoy lower interest payments and some tax benefits, you should not hesitate at all at taking this loan, or even wasting your time looking into other forms of loans to consolidate your debts. If you are already struggling with managing all you debts, then a home equity loan is your best solution for refinancing and managing your otherwise unmanageable debt.

By arranging to refinance your debt through a home equity loan, you are not further adding to your existing debt amount. This debt consolidation plan allows you to transfer all your various debts such as your credit card debts, with all their different due dates and interest rates, to one lender. For the repayment of this consolidated second loan you are paying a lower interest rate as a part of a fixed repayment plan.

Thus the convenience of making a single payment at a lower interest rate to one lending institution is just one of the benefits of home equity loans. In addition to this convenience, you also get to enjoy a tax benefit. This tax benefit along with the financial gains of paying a lot less interest, indirectly adds to your net gain.

Before committing to home equity loan you should make sure that you are in a position to pay back all the debts within the given period. Otherwise you will be putting your home at stake. So be careful about your spending habits, and be particularly wary of accumulating debts on your credit card.

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