Bad Credit Loan On Mortgage

By: Daniel Wesley

If you have bad credit record against your name, you can get your loan approved by a bad credit mortgage lender much faster than you would if you approached a bank or a credit union. For this, you have to pay the price. Also, you will end up with high rates of interests and high closing fees.

While this is inevitable, it can be worth your while to look for a lender who has the most suitable terms for you to give you a good deal. Spend time to contact a few sources to compare rates. A pre-payment penalty can accompany some bad credit loans on mortgages and it would be wise to ensure that you are not landed one. If you cannot avoid the prepayment penalty, look for a loan that has the shortest period. This will enable you clear your loan and avoid the penalty.

Points and Bad Credit Loan on Mortgage

Points can be defined as the fee for one percent of the loan amount. Points are sometimes called origination fees, discount fees and broker fees. We generally encounter two kinds of points: upfront points and back end points. Upfront points are paid by the borrower to the lender or loan broker as a fee for handling the loan transaction. With upfront points, the borrower has to be careful since there are brokers who charge hefty points just to earn themselves a better income.

Back end points are paid by the lender to the broker, often as an extra incentive for bringing about a loan, sometimes at a higher rate of interest. There are instances where brokers offer a higher interest just so they can earn extra back end points. Sometimes, back end points turn out to be advantageous in instances like preventing a foreclosure on a house.

The Best Time For a Mortgage

The timing for applying for a bad credit loan on mortgage varies from person to person. The sooner you buy, the better your options for refinancing at low rates. If you're personal cash management is the cause of your credit problems it is better to wait until your credit rating improves. If your mortgage payments are not affordable, your credit history might take a second beating and this is not viewed at very kindly. While a one off problem is okay with credit rating, creditors are wary about giving loans to people who constantly suffer bad credit, simply because they are a bad investment. Some borrowers apply for a loan without any intention of repaying it.

The bad credit lender's market is huge out there. So much so, even for someone who has filed for bankruptcy, it is not difficult to find a lender who can give him or her a bad credit loan on mortgage. Terms of credit obviously differ and can be strict, since bad credit loans involve extra effort and involve a bigger risk for the lender. If your credit history is very poor, it is better to talk to mortgage experts who can study your situation and advise you about an effective solution, even finding you a full mortgage.

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